Explore all sorts of crafts from drawings to hands-on to DIY…craft with me!

1/22/15 Tips for Wrap Bracelets

2/4/15 Monster BookmarksΒ  #rawr


2/11/15 Rings! Both bought and made…

Ring City

2/26/15 UNC Painted Vans


3/1/15 Wine Glass Painting

wine glass painting

3/16/15 Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration Crafts

Lucky Best Friend

3/19/15 Rejuvinated Rainbow Sandals

Painted Rainbows

4/17/15 Picture Balloons for a Party & Glitter Alcohol Bottles

Glitter Liquor BottleBirthday Decorations

4/23/15 Good Ol’ Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets

7/25/15 Personalized Scrapbook

stripe scrapbook


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