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Kelly Devlin 26

Kelly “D” Dot is the answer I proudly gave anyone who asked my name when I was about four years old. I knew I had a last name, but “Kelly D.” was written on everything declared as mine, so I thought maybe the rest of the letters just got dropped? My family never lets me forget what an interesting child I was. I was their constant source of entertainment whether I was belting the latest song on the radio (to which I knew every word), or rounding up new best friends to play with while we were on family beach vacations. The Devlins are a very particular brand of person: stubborn, driven, organized, stern, but outgoing is normally not the first description word out of someone’s mouth. I was the oddity until I came to acknowledge the social tendencies of my family as I got older. Trust me, that bubbly, belting kid still lives in me, it just takes a little warming up to get me going now.

I am currently a senior midfielder on the women’s lacrosse team at the University of North Carolina. The experience of being on a D1 team is like nothing I’ve ever experienced, and my career thus far has been quite the roller coaster. As a freshman, I was timid after stepping onto this epic team of all-stars. I quickly learned that timidity would not hand you the opportunities you want in life; you need to actively seek your success. I was blessed with the opportunity to be a defender after our starter tore her ACL, and with that came the responsibility of maintaining confidence or getting eaten alive. My sophomore year, we lived out a true Cinderella story as our underdog team made through the playoffs to win our first National Championship in program history. The path of the game itself was unreal, but the fact that so many of my friends and family could be there (since it took place in Philadelphia) made that memorial day weekend the most memorable time of my life. From that high, I quickly hit a low when I tore my ACL during a fall practice that would rob me of my junior season. I was devastated since I had never had such a long-term injury throughout my multi-sport life. My toes are constantly getting broken (seriously ask my teammates how gross my feet are), and I’ve twisted my fair share of ankles playing basketball, but an ACL repair was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I’ll delve more into this subject in a future post… The good news is that it gave me an opportunity to take a fifth year! It’s every person’s dream to stretch college out as much as possible, so I’m very lucky. Although I have another year to live out my lacrosse career, I’m treating this season like my last. It’s my last opportunity to play with my classmates who have been through thick and thin with me, along with two more “superseniors” who all want to satisfy our thirst for a second “Natty.” So as our 2015 season opener quickly approaches, I enthusiastically say Here We Go Heels! (#HWGH)

Sports are at the core of my life, but I also enjoy many other activities when I finally get some free time πŸ™‚ I’m starting this blog as part of a class assignment to brand myself, but I’m excited to see where it goes! I’d like to make it a little about my life and who I am, but also about the crafts and artsy things that complete my personality. Creativity is my release after endless hours of school and athletics, so I hope I can share these crafty vibes with you! Some posts will be original creations, but others will definitely be Pinterest inspired ideas (ugh I love Pinterest). Thanks in advance for keeping up with me!


d dot


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