Steelers Vans

I was so excited when my teammate asked me to paint a pair of Vans for her, but this time I had a new challenge…instead of UNC-themed, they’re Steelers themed!

Before all you Philly and/or Baltimore fans roll your eyes, I grew up loving the Steelers because my mom is from Pittsburgh… so yeah my sports loyalties are torn right down the middle between Philly and Pittsburgh teams.

I loved that I had a new palette of colors and logos to choose from, considering all of my other shoes were only UNC-themed. (You can see some of those designs here.)

So without further ado, here are the new additions to the ddot designs fam!

IMG_6264Steelers Vans OutsideSteelers Vans InsideThanks to my teammate for the new project, and so happy to hear that her friend loved them! Loved creating a little extra Steeler pride πŸ˜‰

d dot

P.S. here is another UNC pair that I made in the meanwhile!
Jessica UNC Vans


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