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Friendship Bracelets

This may just be me, but remember back in the day when you’d get bored in the summer and you’d just break out the colored floss and get to work making bracelets with your friends? They’d bring over their latest book with a cool new pattern, and we’d kill a few hours oogling over each other’s colors and flaunting ten anklets on each foot.

ahhh those were the days…hahaha *craft nerd moment*

Welp, it’s been a couple of years, but last week my team mate Caylee was talking about how she wears anklets and I got nostalgic. When I told her that I’d make her one, she was sooo happy! Naturally, she wanted a Carolina themed bracelet πŸ˜€

I was worried that I wouldn’t remember how to do it, but it came back right away! I was happy with how it turned out too. I’m not sure what the pattern is called, but it was just the originial line look.
Friendship Bracelet
Some people don’t like the time it takes to make all of those knots, but I love the mindless work. I just put on some music and once you get into a groove, it’s quick! My other team mate wanted two more for herself so I broke out another chevron pattern:
Friendship BraceletsShe wanted one to be just like Caylee’s and the other to be red, white and navy. Definitely pumped that I’m getting back into bracelet making as school starts to wrap up, and our lives as “professional lacrosse players” begins again. The crafting ramps up as soon as the school work ends and all we have is lacrosse on a daily basis πŸ™‚ wahoo!

I’ll have to get back into writing names in the knots and learning new patterns hehe.

happy crafting!

d dot


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