Roomie Birthday Crafting

Both of my roommate’s birthdays were within a week of each other, so I threw a combined party for them so we could do double the celebration!

I had a few crafts in mind for presents/house surprises that were inspired by Pinterest, but I tried to put my own twist on them (some that were successful, and some that backfired).

First up was Maia. She is such an underrated tank when it comes to drinking, so Eileen and I decided to get her a fun bottle of alcohol. A colorful bottle caught our eye, but after we bought it, we decided to jazz it up further with glitter! (Well-knowing that it would be all over the house by the time we’re done with the project.)

Glitter Liquor BottleIt’s a little tough to read, but I wrote “Maia Juice” using Elmer’s Glue, but left the rest of the clear part blank so that the loops could show through on the back panel. I also used a foam brush to ‘paint’ the rest of the bottle with glue, before dribbling glitter all over the bottle. The inspiration I found on Pinterest used much larger glitter, but I still like how Maia’s bottle came out here. There was plenty of glitter in the kitchen and on the porch to last through our next glitter project too πŸ˜‰ haha jk

Next up was the celebration! We have a love for pictures in this house, so what better way to celebrate, than to showcase all of the fun we’ve had this year?! I found inspiration on Pinterest, where a user hung photos from balloons. It was so cute! So I spent time picking photos for both Maia and Eileen, then one they were printed, I started mounting them on colorful construction paper with the intent of mounting another photo on the backside. However, I overlooked one thing… two photos and a square of construction paper are a litttttle too heavy for a measly helium balloon. Alright, plan B.

I ended up having to rip the photos off of the construction paper mount because the balloons could only handle one picture before the weight would drag them down. But what to do with all of the extra photos? I kept some of them mounted, some of them not, and simply taped them to the molding around our house! They’re still up over a month later, because hey, why not? Although I’m mad that my original plan didn’t work, my room mates still loved how cute the house looked and the work that I put into making our quaint house festive.

Birthday DecorationsThis was an early picture, so it’s void of many more balloons, but it looked really cute when it was finished! Everyone who came over loved all of the pictures and decorations, so I was happy that the party was a success.

I hope my room mates loved the homemade gifts and festivities as much as I loved making them! Happy crafting, friends!

d dot


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