Maggie Auslander

Maggie Aus the Boss

So I have this awesome team mate… As an outsider you might be a little intimidated by her…

Fire in your eyes

Hehehe, she loves to pump up our team by screaming, “FIRE IN YOUR EYES!!”

She has an energy that is truly contagious when we need it most. You can always count on her to be the loudest at practice or during our games, no matter what the situation. Whether we’re killing it, or we’re in a slump, Maggie is always the first one celebrating or rallying our team. She’s even carried the entire team’s energy at times, which is a huge burden. Although she’s played a different role this year than last year, she’s embraced it, and we really appreciate everything that she’s given thus far.

To add to her yelling, she also bought some crazy red contacts to further intimidate the competition:
Maggie Auslander

It’s hilarious how many times we’ve been on away trips when she’s startled the random people at other team’s hotels and facilities. Hahaha the number of double takes is hilarious, especially when you know the funny, caring girl that’s behind the crazy exterior.

One team that hasn’t seen the red contacts yet is DOOK. We play them Friday, April 16th at 7 pm in Koskinen Stadium on Duke’s campus. It’s the final game to wrap up our 2015 regular season, and it’s also the game that will decide who ends first in the ACC before we enter the ACC Tournament next week.

So shout out to Maggie for being a boss this season, and HERE WE GO HEELS! Time for a heck of a lot of fire in our eyes…

maggie ausxo
d dot


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