zombie feet

Gnarly Toes Season

*disclaimer, this post is gonna be gross! You’ve been warned…

Well folks, it’s about that time of year…oh let’s be serious, it’s all year round for me…but my teammates are finally experiencing a case of the gnarly toes that I have all year ’round.

I’m not using the term gnarly lightly either! Devlin toes are something else (thanks Dad). My mom has cute and pretty toes 24/7, but there must be something about the way all of us kids kill our feet in combination with those Devlin genes that produce some uggggggly feet. I’ll spare you from a picture, but in my post about painted rainbows you got an unwarranted sneak peek of those puppies. But hey, at least my nails are painted!

After years of being an athlete, my feet have laid down many miles. Jamming them with each step has produced about four broken toe knuckles (that are still crooked! Especially those two extra long sprinting toes — they’ve taken a beating), five toenails that are no longer true nails (no really, I have no clue what exactly grows there, but it’s not nail), really thick and rough callouses (that no Ped Egg can even touch), and right about this time of year I get huge blisters underneath of the callouses (which makes for some raw skin). I rarely get pedicures because I’m so embarrassed of my feet, but when I do, I apologize profusely to the manicurist. Poor soul. They may be ugly, but hey, as long as they help me run fast, they can look however they please!

Trust me — I do my best to shape them up, but even after the callouses get shaved down and my nails have a fresh coat of polish they still look pretty gnarly. Complete with a sock tan, my spring look is always on point πŸ˜‰

Devlin joints also pop and crack more than your average bird. I seriously can’t sneak up on anyone anymore, because my ankles and toes give me away no matter how hard I try! My room mates are obviously used to it, but the best was when my trainer Emily noticed in the middle of training room one day. It wasn’t super quiet either, she just heard me walking around and was like, “Is that cracking you?!” She had never heard anyone crack that loud and often simply by walking around before. My Dad is just as bad, if not worse, when it comes to the cracking, so I’ve heard it all my life. Some people love to pop their knuckles or crack their neck, but all I have to do is flex my toes to get that awesome pop-release.

My classmates make fun of me for how gnarly my feet are, but like I said before, as long as they get the job done on the field, I don’t care how they look!

But anyway…happy sandal season! You’ve been warned not to look at my feet haha

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