Painted Rainbows

Rejuvenated Rainbows

The best thing about Rainbow Sandals, is that the more you wear them, the comfier they get. However, the problem is that when you have them forever, they start to get a little dingy.

A couple of years ago, I noticed that the first pair I ever got was looking particularly raggedy. They had a couple of stains on the bands, and hey, that’s the only part that shows when you wear them, so why not pretty the straps up a bit?!

I had no clue what kind of medium would work best in terms of longevity. I knew acrylic would probably chip over time, but it’s what I had at hand, so I went for it!

I started out by priming the bands with white paint, then I free-handed some turquoise swirls, and filled in the gaps with lime green. (Please excuse my ugly toes eeee)

Painted RainbowsThe acrylic has started to chip since I first painted these four years ago, but they’re still in decent shape! I’d suggest trying some outdoor acrylic paint, that may hold up a little better.

Either way, throwing a little paint on the straps are a great way to jazz up a well-loved pair of leather flops… Try it out!


d dot

P.S. Happy flop weather!! πŸ˜€


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