wine glass painting

Wine Night

I’ve worked with a lot of acrylic paint on canvas like on those UNC Painted Sneakers, but painting wine glasses with enamel is a litttttle tougher. Yeah, enamel and I have a love/hate relationship… For the girls reading this, it’s kind of like applying thin nail polish: you need to use a bunch of coats to get your desired color (which is even harder on clear glass versus a tan nail bed), and you need to make sure each coat is very smooth and even. This process can make you very impatient — the fifth time you go over “Caileigh” can make you wish you didn’t have a back side to decorate. Haha I’m just kidding, while the process is long, it’s actually very rewarding.

The reason that I love crafting so much is because it’s relaxing! Taking the time to painstakingly concentrate on the smallest details actually calms my mind and gives me pleasure with how the final project turns out.

I decided to paint wine glasses for my classmates on the team with their names on one side and a little object on the backside that made me think of them. Of course I’m a bonehead and forgot to take pictures of the final products, but here are all of the names without the image on the backside:

wine glassesEnamel is great to use on glass because it’s more durable than acrylic. You can find it right next to the wall of acrylics in most craft stores though! I believe you should be allowed to put the glasses in the dishwasher once you’ve sealed the enamel appropriately, but I’d still hand wash them just to be safe.

Of course the process depends on the brand of paint you’re using, but enamel is worth the few extra steps for a great finished product. First, you prep the glasses; many glasses you purchase from stores can have a film from the factory/store, not to mention germs and fingerprints from other customers. So just make sure to rinse all of the glasses with warm, soapy water, and dry them with a low-lint cloth. Next, break out your paintbrushes! Pour your desired paint color onto a palette (I just use a disposable paper plate), and get creative! Some layers might need more coats than others due to the transparent nature of the tone, just try to make them as smooth as possible. When you’re satisfied with the way your masterpieces look, it’s time to bake them! Place the glasses in a COOL oven **this is important, if you place a room temp glass into a hot oven, you might get a shattered surprise** then heat the oven to the temperature specified on the bottle on your brand of enamel, and bake for 30 minutes. Allow the glasses to cool in the oven, then they’re ready to use for wine night! You also might want to give them one more wash before putting them to good use πŸ˜‰

I used a few gems and some jewelery glue to give the glasses a little sparkle as well.

Good luck to anyone working with enamel!


d dot



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