Fresh New Kicks

My favorite art medium is probably graphite on paper, but I’ve also come to love acrylic. There’s nothing like putting a little color on a fresh, white pair of Vans heheh.

Last year I began painting “Game Day Shoes” for a couple of teammates. They would hand me a shoe box of those crisp, white Vans, and I’d hand them back a Tar Heel masterpiece a few days later.

My first customer was my teammate Sam. She was the guinea pig, but nonetheless they’re still a classic between the argyle and NC. We had just won our National Championship last year, so the Natty panel was a special touch:

Sam's ShoesNext in line was my teammate Brittney. She wanted a pair for herself, as well as her two sisters. They are literally mini versions of Britt, so naturally all three pairs were identical. As I said in my last post, I’m pretty good at eyeballing characters/logos and reproducing them. I was really proud of the way the Ramses turned out, and I even finished them all right before she could take them home for Christmas presents πŸ™‚


Little CoppasThen my teammate KK wanted in! She has a ton of personality, so I wanted to step it up from the classic Carolina features by adding some glitter. She also has her personalized name and number on the back panels.

KKYesterday, I just received a fresh pair in the mail from one of my graduated teammates… I’m chomping at the bit to sketch out a plan for ’em and get started! Wahoo! I’ll letcha know how they turn out… Hit me up if anyone wants a personalized pair!



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