Time to take on the Terps

Tomorrow we hop on the bus to travel to College Park, MD to take on the number one University of Maryland Terrapins. #1 vs #2 is a big game in any sport, but the forecast for the weekend is going to make things quite interesting…

According to weather.com, College Park is supposed to get 3-5 inches of snow and has a high of 32 degrees during the day, which is actually warm compared to the average temps in Chapel Hill this week!

Nonetheless, the game will still be a battle of the greats. We’re both playing in the same conditions, so it will be interesting to see who comes out on top. We’ve been grinding out in the interesting weather all week, so bring it twerps!!!

twerp soup

I like to sketch/doodle when I need to unwind. I found this picture of a struggling turtle from Google, and based him off of that, but he is free-handed! I’m pretty decent at eyeballing graphics and replicating them… but turtles are hard to recall off the top of your head! Haha

Anyway, if you’re not brave enough to face the weather, you can stream the game on BTN Plus on BTN2go, or you can view live stats here, or you can follow @uncwlax and @MarylandWLax on twitter for updates. Otherwise, I’ll see you in College Park!

Go Heels!! #fearnothingattackeverything #road2two #beattheterps


d dot


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