Snowdays in the South

do you wanna build a snowman

photo from @heelslaxunc

As a displaced northerner, it cracks me up whenever a little precipitation falls in North Carolina. Whether it’s rain or snow, the drivers are even slower than they are when the roads are dry…ugh. But when it comes to snow specifically, it’s safe to say NC is never prepared.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about the snow days and cancelled classes…In fact it’s been awesome only having one class this week so far. Heheh I know I stink. And I’ve even been really productive during all of these days! I haven’t simply sat on the couch and chilled, I’ve filled out applications, done homework, cleaned, and even gone on adventures trekking to practice to make sure we’re ready for our game against #1 Maryland this weekend.

Our first snow day was particularly dangerous, because while only about half an inch of snow fell, it was “iced” over with sleet all night. This left our driveway and much of Church street as a giant sheet of ice. However, once you made it out to the main roads, they were completely fine and almost dry! Our driveway melted a little bit, but we made a rookie mistake: we let the melt from the day before re-freeze again overnight and guess what…our driveway is still a sheet of ice! So now that all the roads have been cleared, we’re still car-stranded in our little house 😦 We should have learned after the “Snowpocalypse” last year, but we also never got the ice that we did this year.

The driveway finally re-melted a little bit today, only to be snowed over again by a surprise blizzard during practice! Haha it actually made practice really fun to have constant little flurries swirling all around. It made you feel like you were in a giant snow globe. That was until the hugeee flakes started falling in your eyes and covering the field. That made our tiny rubber ball a little hard to see, but it was still fun nonetheless.

So shoutout to the south for your surprise snow days off of a little bit of snow (compared to poor Boston), and keep em comin πŸ™‚


d dot


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