Ring City

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love my rings. Like a lot. I probably wear five or six on a daily basis (depending on how flashy they are πŸ˜‰ )

Some of them have very significant meaning, and some of them are just fun to wear, but nonetheless, I have the perfect ring for each finger down to a science…

numbered rings

1. Eileen gave this awesome mustache dude to me on my 21st birthday last year. I love him cause he’s orange (which I don’t wear much of) and obviously who doesn’t love a good stache?!

2/3/5 These guys are the rings I wear on a daily basis. They don’t really have a story, I just like the way they look πŸ™‚ They’re all from Village Silver in the Exton Square Mall (PA). It has recently closed, but it might still be open at another location in Glen Eagle Square.

4. My roommate Maia brought this Crucian Gold knotted ring back from St. Croix as a Christmas present. It’s so simple, yet so delicate and pretty.

6. This is a silver oval with my monogram on it, that my mom got for me back in high school.

7. I actually made this guy in jewelry class back in high school (Shoutout to Listy!) by sawing the spiral sun and waves out of a sheet of metal, filing and buffing the edges, and then soldering the ends together to form a ring.

8. This was actually my mom’s costume jewelry from when she was in high school! We were cleaning out some stuff in our basement this summer, when we found her old agenda book, along with some old jewelry and other gems (pun intended).

9. Grosser than I’d like to admit, but I found this on the floor at a bar this summer. Considering it’s a middie ring, it was small enough that I doubted anyone would find it, and I didn’t see it’s owner looking for it either. So I just gave it a good wash, and I still wear it from time to time. #noshame #sorrytothepreviousowner

10. My “Fairy Godmother,” as we call her, got me this flowered beauty while she was visiting Arizona. I’m a sucker for turquoise and silver.

11. She also got me this beautiful gem ring from Stephanie’s, our favorite jewelry store in Stone Harbor, NJ.

12. This is another everyday wearer, I love how it wraps around my finger like leaves/waves.

13. This one isn’t sentimental, but it’s a nice switchup to all of my silver. It’s gold painted with two iridescent pink gems. I got it from Urban Outfitters.

14. I found this middie ring on Brandy Melville, and fell in love because I’m a sucker for anything dog-related.

15. Totally forget where I found this crazy bedazzled bling, but it’s definitely flashy enough to wear on it’s own. I love wearing it out for a statement piece.

16. I got this ring as a high school graduation present. It’s very intricate and delicate, which contrasts nicely with my love for the clunkier silver rings.

17. Finally the classic Claddagh (“Claw-duh”). It’s a traditional Irish symbol that represents love, loyalty, and friendship. My aunt gave it to me after my confirmation into the catholic church. It’s another ring that I wear every day, and a constant reminder of how much my family means to me.

Bonus!! Haha shoutout to my homemade wrap bracelet *wink wink click the link*




This guy means more than words can express. We put in countless hours to be great at our sport, and I literally cannot express what a relief it was to have it pay off with a National Championship. The team also asked me to design the ring, which was an incredible honor, so this ring is very important to me on many different levels.

Thanks for taking a trip down memory lane with me, and thanks to all who contributed to my collection!

Maybe I can land some more for my birthday hehe πŸ˜‰ jk I think I might have enough already…


d dot


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