Gameday #2

Welp, the whole team is sitting here in the Miami airport, and I’m thinking of what a combination never-ending and whirlwind time span this trip has been. We left Chapel Hill Thursday night to travel to Gainesville, Florida, and are finally getting back later Saturday night. That’s a long trip logistics wise (traveling 25 girls by bus, through airports, by plane, and through hotels can be a headache, and our big Carolina Blue blob always turns heads), but the time is also flying by at the same time!

We have a huge team this year, so it’s always a major bummer when we can’t travel the entire team due to financial restrictions. We were missing ten awesome girls during this trip, but they were all crucial to preparing us for our win over Florida, so we’re all very appreciative of their contributions to our sick win of the day:

Today marked game 2 of our #road2two aspirations, meaning our journey to clinch our program’s second national title. Head over to my teammate Sam McGee’s blog to hear more about our interesting past and bright future. We took on the Number 4 Florida Gators and beat them 17-11. It was especially meaningful to hand the Gators a loss to start their season, as well as end their 23-game winning streak at their home facility Donald R. Dizney Stadium.

The game did get tight for a while… We were winning for most of the game until the Gators went on a 4 goal run to tie the game at 9-9 with 28 minutes left in the second half. The game was definitely a test of both side’s physicality and endurance; thanks to Fetzer, we’re used to playing on a long and wide field, but our depth across offense, midfield, defense and goalie is really special. Our team is in tip top shape, and each position has fresh players “ready to go” off the bench.

I think we were still getting back into the swing of things during our season opener last week. We still beat JMU, but I didn’t think we played to our full potential. (After coming off of 5 ACL injuries last season, it’s nice to have almost everyone back on the field.) This game we had much better flow with each other. I’m not gonna reveal our secrets and tricks in case our opponents find this, but just know that 2015 is gonna be a great season for us Heels, and we’re coming for all y’all πŸ˜‰

Check out the article and photo gallery from the game on Lax Magazine’s website. And here’s goheels’s article on the win.

…signing off from warm and sunny Miami πŸ™‚


d dot


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