Tips for Wrap Bracelets

The little nuggets in the picture on my “Crafts” tab are one of my favorite things to make. I am a little bit of a perfectionist, so when I finish something that’s as uniform as the a wrap bracelet, it’s the perfect combination for my creativity and OCD to collide πŸ˜€

I saw these wrap bracelets at a bunch of jewelry stores, and they were all beautiful, but I’m the kind of person that says, “Nah, I can make that.” So finally, one day, I did! I stocked up on some beads and leather at Michael’s, found some old buttons my mom had laying around, and got started! While there are plenty of tutorials online, the process seemed simple enough that I could follow the strands myself. That being said, I’m not going to give you step-by-step instructions (here is a good tutorial from Beads n Things NY if you need it!) Instead, I’ll give you a few tips to make sure your bracelets turn out beautifully…

  • don’t be afraid to branch out with leather colors; I normally stick to brown or metallic brown, but craft stores also offer gold, pearl, pink, green and blue. Be bold!
  • choose beads that will compliment each other; I like to pair a faceted bead with a smooth bead so that there’s at least a texture change. Other than that, go crazy with the colors!
  • make sure that when you feed the string back through the bead, all slack is pulled from the previous bead. Otherwise the beads might move around and pop out while you’re wearing the bracelet.
  • the tutorial uses two rubber bands around its clipboard, but I like to secure the leathers using a binder clip at the bottom of the clipboard; be sure to leave about two fingers worth of slack so that you still have room to thread the needle underneath the leather.
  • the tutorial also begins the bracelet with a button. This is great, especially if you want to have an adjustable option at the opposite end, but I start mine with a loop of leather that will be big enough to fit around the button later. This makes the length static, but I like using thread to secure the button instead of leather.

I hope these tips help some of you looking to get into making your own wrap bracelets. For the rest of you, I hope you’re now inspired to try a new craft!


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