True Life: I Love Wawa

I crave Wawa on a daily basis. If it was acceptable, I actually think that I could live off of Wawa coffee and hoagies alone. Like, no one understands… Wawa is integral to life in the mid-atlantic. What’s “Wawa” you ask? If you think it’s a gas station I will shoot you a real mean look; strong enough to make you think twice. Here’s some history for all you non-believers straight from its website’s timeline.

The first Wawa FOOD MARKET (yes food market, not gas station you haters) opened in Folsom, Pa in 1964. It began with hamburgers and fried chicken, and finally got into the hoagie holy grail by 1970. By 1985, Wawa had opened 300 stores across PA, NJ, and DE and introduced a separate deli counter from the register that yielded a speedier process for made-to-order items. It wasn’t until 1996 that the first Wawa that sold fuel opened in Delaware. Hear that friends? It was a food market for over 30 years before it became what all the southerners deem a “gas station convenience store.”

It’s so hard for me to express that it’s so much more! Across my hometown, Wawas with fuel just started popping up within the past ten years. When I think of Wawa, I think of it more as a deli. Wawa is the Icee reward after winning my summer basketball game at Kerr Park, or the dinner treat we would grab on the road to my sister and brother’s games, or the coffee that warmed up my body while sitting through a snowy football game, or the hoagie we would share for lunch at the shore, or the meeting place for all of my friends before we head out for a night on the town. Now that I think about it, I probably love Wawa so much because it’s attached to so many fond memories! I honestly can’t think of a bad memory I’ve ever experienced at a Wawa.

On a sidenote, I’m giddy thinking about all of these good mems and my room mates are over here ripping on me for laughing to myself about Wawa memories. *angry face* No one understands!!

I keep Wawa hazelnut coffee at my house at school, not only because its freaking delicious, but also because it’s a little piece of home. I love going to school at Carolina, but I do feel like a misplaced northerner sometimes with all of my weird Downingtown favorites (although most of my teammates are northerners too haha).

Ultimately, I can’t speak for all Wawas when I talk about the quality of the originals back in Pa (I must admit we’ve taken a couple of team road trips where the food wasn’t up to par) but I never let a sub-par experience take away from my love of Wawa. At the end of the day, there is is: I love Wawa for the food and the memories. My teammates might never understand, but my home friends know the love ❀

So for anyone who has never experienced eating at a Wawa, don’t count it out when you’re cruising down 95. Take the exit, and indulge in some flavored coffee, a hoagie made just for you, some hot sides, and maybe even the blue raspberry soda. It’s worth it, I promise.



d dot

Wawa word count: 18 (phew that’s a lot)


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